by Sonic Rainboom



When Ministry of Brony Sessions One was first announced, I immediately thought of my favorite MoS release, Trance Nation America 1, and the brooding, dreamlike second disc. That sound heavily influenced this tune. Luna seemed a perfect fit for that feeling. I feel like Luna would dig Tech Trance if she heard it.

I'm actually really, really happy with this tune. Moreso than most of my tunes. I feel like I achieved every goal I had in making it, which doesn't always happen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.


released March 29, 2014
Art: Stars and Fireflies by RePoisn

Thanks to mlptf2mods as always for their lovely vocal only audio.

Thank you, as well, to Fillydelphia radio for hosting the Ministry of Brony project, and to Bronies for Good, for their beautiful charity work.

Finally, thank you to the creators of MLP, for their hard work and dedication to this show which has brought all these wonderful people together.




jex Cary, North Carolina

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